Privacy Policy

The herein policy of administrate personal data (from now on the “policy”) describes the company’s practice with the name “COSTAS SIAMIDIS SA” which is based in the Industrial Zone of Inofita Viotia PC 32011 VAT 094052893 (from now on “we”, “us” or the “company”) in regard to the collection, usage, storage and revelation of personal data (as are herein defined below) that are provided to us from the users of the website www.csmed.gr (from now on the “website”) as well as the content, the products and the services that are provided through the website (from now on collectively with the website the “services”).

Please visit and read the herein policy periodically, since it can be altered from time to time. Each time you visit the website or provide us with information, you accept the practices that are described in the policy for that given time period.

1. Introduction

We respect and support the individual rights in your private life and the protection of the personal data. According to this we have developed this policy in order to explain to you our practices for collecting, using and revealing your personal data and information.

2. Applicable law

The applicable law for protecting personal data (from now on “applicable law for the protection of personal data”), is comprised by the applicable national and EU legislation for the collection, usage and revelation of your personal data from us, including of the EU directive 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council that was voted in April 27th 2016 and is implemented from May 25th 2018 (from now on «Directive»).

3. Definition of personal data

For the purposes of the current policy, as “personal data”, are defined the information and data of a certain person such as the date of birth, the first name, the last name, the home address, the telephone number, the sex, the IP address etc. We collect, use and reveal your personal data according to the herein policy and according to the applicable law for the protection of personal data.

4. Responsible for the processing

The company is responsible for the processing of your personal data and under this capacity take responsibility to do any possible effort in order to ensure the confidentiality of your personal data as well as ensure the uninterrupted exercise of your rights that are provided to you by the Applicable law of Personal data.

5. Special note for juveniles

Juveniles under the age of 18 years old and people who have no full capability of acting, according to the circumstantial case of jurisdiction are not allowed to publicize to us via our website, via telephone, or with any other way their personal data without any previous parental or guardian consent. We request from these people not to submit information to us. In case that the website users are under the age of 18 and continue to submit to us their personal data through our website, we will consider that these people have received previous parental or guardian consent.

6. You provide us your personal data in the following cases:

If you wish to proceed to the creation of a personal account through your subscription in the website, you will be requested to provide certain personal information such as first name, last name, e-mail address, date of birth, and perhaps other data that can be used for your personal identification.

When you use our services perhaps you will be asked to provide certain personal data such as postal address, payment details when you order from our web store, and your e-mail address when you subscribe to our newsletters.

If you contact (written or orally) the company’s customer’s service department, we might save/file the written correspondence/ contact with you, as well as certain data that might be requested to you and are necessary for your better service and/or the receipt of our transaction (eg in the case you place an order of products via the telephone).

7. Information that we receive automatically when you visit our website or use the services

Website: There is the case to collect information from the website and from the way you use it. When you visit our website, the web browsers sends data to our servers. With this information we can optimize our services, customize and optimize your experience when you visit the website (through a P.C., cell phone or any other portable electronic device).

This information might also include some of the following data:

  • Your IP address
  • The date and time of your visit to our website
  • The URL address of referral (meaning the website from which the user came)
  • The pages you visited in our website
  • The information for the device you used and for the search engine (program type, edition, operating system etc).

Cookies and other recognizing features

We and our associates use different technologies to collect and store information when you visit our website, and this might include the shipment  of one or more cookies or other recognizing features to your device. Further information on the way we use the cookies and the recognizing features and how they can be neutralize can be found below in article 15.

8. Information concerning the Personal Data which are collected from other websites- Promotion via a third party

It is possible to place in our website links towards other websites that are operated by third parties. When you click on theses links or you visit them, take part or use the services or the websites of other parties, independently if they contain or not our commercial brand name, logos or other of our intellectual property rights, with those of the third party that is operating the website, you owe to know that we do not control the commercial practices of these parties and the herein policy is not applicable to these parties or their websites.

We allow the third-party companies to promote advertisements or/and collect certain anonymous information when you visit the website. These companies can use anonymous or non-personal recognizable/identifiable elements during your visits to the website or the websites in order to provide advertisements for the products and services that might interest you. These companies usual use a cookie or a web beacon of a third for the collection of these information. Further information for the cookies you can find below in article 15.

9. Usage of your personal data

We use your personal data for the purposes that are described shortly below.

Customer Service department: if you contact (via telephone or written text) the customers’ service department (or visa versa) we use your order’s information as well as the history of our contact to answer your requests, administer your order and facilitate your rights and generally to offer you the best possible service.

Marketing/Promotion: In order to send you e-mails with news and updates concerning the website and our services, to provide you with information that are relevant to your interests (such us electronic banners and offers), by receiving your past consent to use your personal data for the above mentioned purposes.

Website usage: In order to improve and adapt the content of the website and the product offers, for analyze the website usage.

Other purposes: To the degree that is demanded by law, we will request your consent, when we want to use your data for other purposes other than the ones mentioned above.

The supply from your part, of your personal data is voluntary. However, in certain cases if you do not provide us with your personal data, you will not be in position to access all or some of our services.

10. Revealing your personal data

We do not sell your personal data to third parties, neither do we allow access to third parties to use them for their own benefit. Nevertheless, during the typical transaction of our commercial activities we might share some of your personal data with:

  • A limited number of our stuff and employees in the marketing, sales, customers’ service and technical departments to the degree that is necessary to provide you with your services.
  • To third party partners that operate on our behalf in accord to the herein policy (specially defined below) or as it is allowed or need from the current applicable legislation for personal data.

You can request the full list of processors on our behalf, by sending a written request in the e-mail address that is mentioned at the beginning of the hereby policy.

10.1 Service provider companies.

We can use third service providers (e.g. web hosting providers, data administration providers) to administer one or more aspects of our business activities, including the administration or delivery of your personal data on our behalf. When we outsource in a company or a partner we use bonding contracts or other necessary mean to ensure that your personal data will be used in manners in accord to the present policy and the applicable legislation.

10.2 Revealing according to the law.

We can reveal your personal data, as it is allowed or demanded by law. For example, we might be forces to reveal and announced your personal data according to a court order, district attorney’s order or upon request or decision or another entity or administrative entity with a legal jurisdiction to force us to reveal these information. If we have any well founded reasons to believe that your personal data could be used for research for unappropriated or illegal activity we might reveal such information to law enforcement agencies or other investigative authorities.

11. Right to be informed, access, opposition and deletion

11.1 Concerning your personal data you have the right among others to be informed, to have access, to oppose and to delete («δικαίωμα στη λήθη»), as they are specifically defined in articles 13-22 of the regulation.

In this frame, at any given moment you can have access to your personal data that we keep in our data bases and to alter them, to correct them or to update these data, even if you want to oppose (at any moment and for any reason) the process of the personal data that concerns you as well as to recall your consent concerning their process or/and demand to the terminate deletion from the company’s archives. In order to achieve this please follow the steps that are mentioned every time in the message that you receive in the relevant contact mean (e.g. e-mail).

11.2 If case you want to revoke your consent from all of our informative messages (newsletter) as well as your consent for the use of your personal data for marketing purposes, product promotion or/and services, then you can use the link of revoking the subscription (unsubscribe) as it is mentioned in the messages you have received. Alternatively you can contact the customers’ service department via email [email protected] or via telephone in +30.22620.32992. Please not that we might need to ask you to verify your identity before we process with your request.

11.3 Furthermore you can request at any time your personal data to be permanently deleted from our archives, following a communication with our customer’s service department via email to [email protected] or telephone in +30 2262032992. From our behalf we will answer to you within 30 working days from receipt of your demand.

In case you request deletion:

a) We will cease to use and to provide your personal data (unless it is requested or demanded differently by law)

b) We will delete all your personal data from our data bases, unless these that are contained in emails, written correspondence, or other documents that we might keep in order to prove the terms of our contract with you or any way else is provided by the applicable legislation.

c) Taking into account the available technology and implementation cost, we will take applicable technical and organizational measures in order to inform other executors the process, on our behalf, of your personal data, according to the specially refered above that you requested your deletion from them (the executors the processing) of any possible links with the data or copies or reproductions of your personal data.

Please not that there might be needed to request from you to verify your identity before we process the above request.

12. Summary of your rights according to the applicable Legislation for Personal Data Protection

In the context of respecting your private life, we try to ensure that your personal data are kept according to the applicable Δίκαιο Προστασίας Προσωπικών Δεδομένων, as well as according to any other applicable relevant legislation. Thus we can guarantee that your personal data will:

  1. Be processed fairly and legally. In particular, we will provide transparency in matters of processing your personal data.
  2. Be collected only for certain and legal aspects and will not be processed further in matter that is unconventional to these purposes. In case we decide to further process your personal data then your written consent is necessary.
  3. We will collect and maintain only your personal data necessary to fulfill operational and administrative requirements or to comply with any legal obligation.
  4. Be able to undergo an update/correction following your request.
  5. They will be kept in a form that allows the definition of your identity and not for longer period than it is needed for the purposes that they were collected or for the purposes they were processed.
  6. They are processed according to the rights of the subject of the personal data as of the rights that are enforced by the applicable legislation
  7. Be handled with appropriate technical and administrative means against the arbitrary or illegal process of your personal data and against any possible loss or destruction or damage of them in terms of the company’s operations.
  8. Not be transferred by us to countries that are out of the European Union, unless you have given us your consent and only if there is an established and implemented level of protection of the rights and liberties of your subjected personal data concerning the process of extracting data.
  9. Be handled with respect to data mobility. According to the applicable legislation, as the subject of your personal data you reserve the right to the mobility of these and specifically the right to receive the personal data that concerns you and that you have provided us with in a structured, commonly used and defined from machinery form, as well as the right to transfer the data to a new processing responsible without our objection, according to the special definitions in article 20 of the regulation. In such a case we do not have any responsibility for the process of the data from the new processing responsible to whom your personal data will be transferred, neither for the quality of the data that they will be transferred, from what we are obliged by the regulation. As the processing responsible we need to verify your identity before we proceed to the above. The right to data mobility if it is used, does not erase the rest of the rights that are provided in the regulation and the applicable legislation for Personal Data Protection

The Hellenic authority’s for Personal Data Protection website provides information and assistance concerning the rights and the relevant legislation. (www.dpa.gr).

In a summery your basic right are as follows:

  • The right to be informed of which information are kept concerning you in an electronic form or in written documents.
  • The right to access and update concerning the purpose of the personal data process for the receivers or the receiver categories.
  • The right to be informed for possible change that have been implemented to the processing way from our last update to you.
  • The right to be informed concerning the methodology that is applicable to the process of automated personal data process.
  • The right to be informed of the relevant security measures that are enforced by the processing responsible person for the safety of your personal data.
  • The right to be informed for any relevant transfer of your personal data to a third party.
  • The right to receive measures to stop the process of your personal data if the process might cause you considerable damage when this is unjustified.
  • The right to oppose to the processing of your personal data, as well as to demand your personal data not to be used for the promotion of different products or services.
  • The right to prevent decisions, received relevant to you that are based exclusively on automating processing (deletion of profile).
  • The right to request the correction or destruction of your personal data that are mistaken, or which process you do not wish for anymore.
  • The right to limit the process of your personal data as well as the right to their transfer (when the processing concerns demands identifiable personal data and is based upon the consent and the execution of the contract).
  • The right to oppose at any given moment for the processing of your personal data, as well as the right to revoke whenever you wish your consent for their process and to request the permanent deletion of them from the company’s data base.
  • The right to file a complaint to a supervisory authority.
  • The right to claim damages if you suffered any damage as a result of the breaching of the regulations

13.Duration and country of storing your personal data

We keep your data for a limited time of 2 years, starting from the time of our last correspondence with you, unless there is by law an obligation for obtaining the information for less or greater time period or if this is demanded due to some court action or to complete our business transaction or for purely company’s administrate purposes

Unless otherwise defined in the policy, your information are stored and processed in countries within the European Union.

14. Resolution of Disputes

At any given time you have questions concerning the policy or if your believe that we have violated or mistreated your personal data, please send us an email in [email protected] or alternatively call us in +30. 2262032992, and we will try to solve any problem or question you might have.

15. Monitoring information

We can use web beacons or pixel tags for monitoring the information and more precisely the registry of our users and the collection of information and data relevant to the demographic characteristics of the website’s users, the visiting of the website, its statistics usage etc. Following that and under the condition that we have received your consent according to the above we can provide these characteristics to advertisers and other partners, for improving our services. None of these data can be used to connect with the identity or other personal data of individual users. Under the conditions that the web beacons are operations as well as any other request for the website’s content, you can make them ineffective either with withdrawing from the cookies or by changing the cookies settings in your browser. For our research/ statistics purposes we might connect the information monitoring via web beacons with personal data that are provided voluntarily from the website users. When such a connection is made the total information that is connected is treated like personal data, which will be used as such, processed and revealed according to the herein policy. When such a connection is realized all information is handled as Personal data, which as a result will be used, processed and disclosed according to this policy.